My online presence

Besides my blogs and websites:

  • – my blog about everything photography. Tips, ideas and inspiration. Ranked “Top 15 photo blogs in Denmark” by Canon.
  • – my website about the most interesting Danish photographers.
  • Orlov i Australien – a blog my wife and I wrote during a three months sabbatical in Australia with our kids in 2008
  • Orlov i Australien – photos from Australia on Picassa

and articles I’ve written for:

  • Digital Photography School – one of the world biggest photo site, with more than 1 million monthly visitors
  • Zoom Magazine #2 2009 – one of Denmarks’s leading photo magazines. See pages 19+20+21
  • Zoom Magazine #3 2009 – See pages 14+ 15 and 20 + 21
  • Zoom Magazine #7 2011 – See pages 61 + 66 (Note; Timm Vladimir wrote this article. I provided two photos (p. 61 full page, p. 66 upper right))

you can find me the following places:

  • LinkedIn – my professional curriculum
  • Facebook – (don’t ask me to support your farm in Farmville, OK?)
  • Twitter -meep meep  
  • Google + which I haven’t spend much time on
  • Google søgning – don’t know why, but even in quotes I get more than 750 hits

To see what other people think of me, please see my recommendations on LinkedIn:


[UPDATE: The two magazines from 2009 don’t seem to be online currently. Check here to see if they have been made available again]