Happy to see you here. I’m Peter. A father of two, a husband of one.

I have a background as country manager and in profit-and-loss management of business units. I’m good at that. But I have also been self employed for several years. I’m a Dane by birth, but took my master in the UK. I have worked in Sweden and reported to Asians. I was raised in the province, but have been based in Copenhagen for the last 16 years.

I’m not good a “that’s how we’ve always done things around here“, and will rather try something new than to repeat myself. I like to talk, but I prefer to listen – I don’t learn when I repeat myself.

My family comes above anything. I have once put my career at risk to spend more time with family – and paid the price.

I’m hooked on photography. The smooth blend of technology and creative art compels me. I like photos of people most. I think I can use my own learning to help others get better too. Roughly 2,400 visitors a month seem to agree.

I believe the greatest human being alive of my time is Madiba. Nelson Mandela. I wish there were more of his kind in the world.